Concrete tiles are created from the controlled formulation of raw materials extruded under high pressure to achieve the tile’s strength and resistance to weather penetration. The colour applied to, or incorporated into the body is purely decorative. When first installed, concrete tiles may experience some discolouration caused by the migration of lime salts to the surface. This is known as efflorescence. This condition is usually temporary. All roofs are expected to progressively return to an even matt appearance after time. 

Terracotta tiles are created by firing natural clay in temperatures in between 1040°C  and 1100°C.  Glazed tiles are created by introducing ceramic materials and oxides to the body or surface of the tile. Each tile’s colour may vary in shades throughout the manufacturing process. The most attractive roofs are those that ensure a consistent blending of these shades throughout the roof.

All tiles will contain small blemishes. During transportation and installation other small blemishes such as scuffing and chip marks may occur. Small blemishes will not detract from the weather proofing performance and should not be seen as a product fault.

We will endeavour to supply tiles similar to or as near as possible to those displayed, however no responsibility can be accepted for any variations.

Roof tile colours on this website have been reproduced as faithfully as possible, however actual colours may vary. We urge all customers to view tiles on display before making a decision.

When installing flat shingle tiles onto a metal truss roof full sarking is mandatory.

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