Roof Maintenance

While roof tiles are known for their durability and minimal maintenance requirements, there are things to consider when caring for your roof. Regular maintenance of your roof will assist in preventing any problems.

Accessing and walking on roofs

Prime Roof Solutions recommends that a qualified roofing professional to undertake the work of assessing and repairing your roof as walking on roofs can be dangerous. If it is absolutely necessary to walk on your roof, the following precautions should be taken. Wear shoes with soft, flexible soles, ensure the weather conditions are favourable, ensure you have an observer on site with you, use a safety harness where possible, take care when accessing the roof – if using a ladder ensure it is tied off and on stable ground, avoid walking up the valleys, ensure you walk only on the front third centre of the tile and distribute your weight as evenly as possible and finally, thoroughly check all tiles touched before leaving the roof to ensure they have not been disturbed or damaged.

Leaking roof

If your roof has a leak it is always best to employ a qualified roofing professional to undertake the work of assessing and repairing your roof. Walking on roofs can be dangerous.

Lichen and moss

Lichen spores are normally present in the air and can settle and grow on most roofing materials. Moss grows only where there is sufficient build-up of dirt particles to support growth. The most common method of removing lichen and moss is by high pressure water hosing or in some cases, a chemical solution designed for this purpose. Prime Roof Solutions recommends the use of qualified professionals to carry out any necessary spraying to ensure the right materials are used and to avoid damage to your roof.

Gutters, downpipes and valleys

A common source of leaking roofs is uncleared gutters, downpipes and valleys. These should be regularly inspected, cleaned and maintained. An annual check is recommended as a minimum. If you house, however, is in a heavily treed area, a greater frequency of checks is required.

Replacing roof tiles

If your roof has damaged roof tiles it is always best to employ a qualified professional to undertake the work of assessing and repairing your roof. Walking on roofs can be dangerous.

The colour of concrete roof tiles

With exposure to UV, pollution and other environmental factors, your concrete roof will change in appearance. Over time these factors will cause the colour coat of concrete roof tiles to lose their sheen and mellow in appearance. While this process will occur over several years, colour loss of your concrete roof tiles should be expected. This does not, however, impact on the weatherproofing of the tiles.


Occasionally the natural salts within a concrete roof tile can migrate to the surface as a whitish discolouration known as efflorescence. This is a temporary, cosmetic occurrence and does not affect the functional properties of the roof tile. As with many concrete products, efflorescence should disappear over time.


It is a misconception that respraying will improve the structural performance of your roof. This is not the case. Respraying your roof is purely aesthetic and will not repair or reseal your roof. If you are only concerned about improving the look of your roof then a respray is an option. 

For any roof maintenance related questions, please contact Prime Roof Solutions or your local roofing specialist.