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Visually your roof contributes significantly to the overall look of your home, as around 30% of your home’s exterior is made up of the roof. Choosing the right roof tiles is an important and easy way to add beauty, character and value to your house. To help with choosing the right tile, here are some things to consider:

Step 1: Selecting a Look - Classic vs Contemporary

If you prefer a more contemporary, minimalist look, choose a flat tile like the Horizon tile which comes with Aline ridging.
For a more classic look, then select a more contoured tile, like the Hacienda. These tiles come with lapped ridging and a
perfect for creating a traditional feel.

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Horizon – Concrete Tile
The ultimate flat concrete roof tile, designed to deliver a streamlined roof that integrates seamlessly with current trends.

Stirling – Concrete Tile
With is slate-like finish and colour through colour, the Stirling tile is the ideal choice for the discerning home owner.

Urban Shingle – Terracotta Tile
The Urban Shingle roof tile creates a streamlined sleek and sophisticated roof line. 


Hacienda – Concrete Tile
Hacienda is a versatile roof tile that combines classic good looks with exceptional product performance.

Marseille – Terracotta Tile
Classic French style from a tile that works with both traditional and contemporary architecture.

Nouveau – Terracotta Tile
Nouveau is a fusion of classic and contemporary looks with a satin finish.

Step 2: Choosing a Material – Features & Benefits

When it comes to roof tiles there are two material types - Concrete and Terracotta. Both have inherent benefits:

Will not rust, warp or corrode

Salt safe

Impervious to frost & ice

Tank water safe

Provide thermal insulation

Provide acoustic insulation

Terracotta’s additional appeal – Colour Never Fades.

Prime Roof Solutions are proud to sell Monier™ Terracotta tiles. Their colour never fades as it is baked into the surface of the tile. This is backed by the Monier™ Terracotta 50 Year Colour and Performance Guarantee.

Step 3: Colour & Finish

Colour and texture play a big part in creating the right look for your home. Think about the the type of finish you would like. Do you like a high shine look? Then a glazed terracotta tile is for you. Do you prefer a more natural look? Consider a matte earth tone. 

Prime Roof Solutions has a diverse and modern palette of colours and finishes to choose from. From light neutrals and clays through to sophisticated dark tones and matte through to glazed finishes. 

Visit a display and view samples to choose just the right look.

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Step 4: Sarking – Peace of Mind


You only get one chance to install sarking and that is when you install a new roof. At Prime Roof Solutions we believe the benefits of sarking far outweigh the incremental cost. Sarking is a flexible membrane that is laid under the roof battens during the roof installation. It helps protect your home from the elements and improves the overall insulation of your roof.